About Us

We Are Aavanira Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Aavanira Biotech Pvt. (L) ABPL established in 2010 focuses on biological and chemical contract research, product development and testing. The company has a prodigious presence in the verticals of environment technology, food and pharmaceutical testing, Microbiological, genetic engineering and biotechnological distances.

ABPL is into environmental monitoring and environmental biotechnology and is recognized by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India since 2012.

ABPL provides a robust solution for inter-disciplinary and cohesive scientific consolidation necessary for development and R&D related to molecular biology, Microbiology and chemical technology for large and small scale corporate.

ABPL processes dynamic technologies with required validation and provides cost effective solutions to our clients. We believe in absolute transparency with our clients along with maintaining clientele data with outright security and secrecy.

Our Management Team

Dr. Bikash Aich, PhD, MBA. Managing Director


After completing M.Sc. medical in the subject of Pharmacology from one of the reputed medical college of Western India, B.J Medical college, Dr .Aich started his journey in career as Lecturer in Pharmacy and Medical colleges. In his stir to build his career in the pharmaceutical Industry he pursued MBA degree and later on joined pharmaceutical companies where he was successful in building multi-crore brands. His equal enthusiasm in drug development as persuaded him for the award of Ph.D by University of Pune in “Small molecule development”.


The most significant achievement of Dr. Aich is as an entrepreneur to initiate a state of the art Biotechnology company called geneOmbio Technologies (Pune) that now sways dream of hundreds of aspirants wishing to make a mark in the biotechnology map of the country. Dr. Bikash’s passion for the chemical and pharmaceutical analysis have helped him to achieve another successful land mark by setting up Aavanira Biotech (Pune), which is equipped with latest analytical and development instrumentation, totally dedicated  for high profile R & D and testing in both biotechnological and chemical technologies.

Prof. Vikram Ghole, Ph.D.


Dr. Vikram Ghole is a methodical and result-oriented scientific researcher with experience in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Environmental Sciences. Having devoted nearly thirty years of his lifetime to extensive research, teaching graduate students, supervising students pursuing Master’s in Biochemistry and Doctoral Research and administration of the Environmental Sciences Department at Pune University in his capacity as the Head of the Department, Dr. Ghole has had a unique and enriching academic and administrative experience. Extensive laboratory research experience at various reputed laboratories in India, Germany and USA adds to his capability.


He has published about 80 research papers in national and international journals and 3 patent applications till date.

Reasons to Choose Us

Our Objective

It is the objective of this Laboratory to function as an independent and impartial part and continually improve upon by ensuring the following :

  • Continuous up gradation & enhancement in the skills of the employees.
  • Completing jobs in stipulated time frame, with accurate & reliable results to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Comprise proficiency testing program in the laboratory.
  • Maintaining the measurement traceability by way of getting calibrated all the equipment from accredited laboratory.
  • By adapting national and international standard test method only.
  • Training of the manpower to keep abreast with the latest technology.
  • All concerned personnel are familiarized periodically with Quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their work.
  • Continual improvement in development and implementation of the management system.
  • Fulfilment of the requirements of customer as well as regulatory authorities.
  • Maintenance of integrity of the management system when changes to the system are planned and implemented.
Our Quality Policy

Aavanira Biotech (P) Ltd is committed to provide excellent and prompt services in the area of Environmental testing by implementing the management system as per ISO 17025:2005 and thereby ensuring total customer satisfaction through effective, efficient, reliable, accurate and conforming to national and international standards.

We are committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system through review and training to all employees and by adopting good laboratory practices to make the laboratory known for its quality of services and customer focus.

Quality Assurance

Aavanira strongly follows initialization quality control procedures consisting of analyst training and performance and method optimization. Aavanira works through policies and procedures for procuring reference materials, analytical chemicals, calibrations, verification and maintenance of instrumentation. Avanira strictly follows the policies laid down by ISO 9001, ISO / IEC : 17025 : 2005 for quality in systems and ISO 17025 for analysis, documentation and data verification practices.

Aavanira has well defined SOPs to address the complete quality system as follows :

  • Sampling and sample flow.
  • Sample storage, transport and disposal.
  • Quality of consumables and reagents.
  • Method validation
  • Measurement of degree of uncertainty.
  • Document control.
  • Training and initialization.
  • Reference Standard maintenance.
  • Validation and Calibration procedures and schedules.
  • Proficiency testing and Inter-laboratory comparisons.
  • On line quality controls.
  • Safety and precaution management.